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Marine Tours

Join us to be among the gentle giants of the sea, swim with our resident Sperm Whale. If swimming isn't for you, enjoy a relaxing cruise Whale Watching experience.

Andrew Armour: 1-767-315-0980

(Prices quoted are general, please contact for specific price options)

Evening cruise

Whale Watching

Dominica with its unique calm sheltered western coastline boast Whales a short distance offshore with a 85% sighting success of year-round residents of: Sperm Whales, Dwarf Sperm Whales, Pilot Whales, Pseudo Orcas, Beakerd Whales, Orcas, Risso's Dolphin, Bottlenose Spinner, Spotted, Frazer's Dolphin, Pigmy Killer Whales, as well as seasonal sighting from November to May of Baleen Whales, Humpbacks, Sie, and Brydo Whales, and other occasional Surprises.


$100 USD per person

Swimming with the Whales

Mr. Andrew Armour has become internationally recognized as the Whale Whisperer and is one of the few professionals allowed to offer a "Swimming with the Whales" experience. In the open sea, jump in to see and be one with our resident Sperm Whales up close and personal. 

$3000 USD per permit

$1500 USD Boat Charter per day

$500 USD In-water Guide per day

Boat Cruises

Our two catamaran's offer comfortable pleasure and party day cruises as well as overnight inter-island charters. Family time, Office party, Bachelor/Bachelorette party, Christmas time, or a Tuesday are all great reason to be on a boat!

$300 USD per hour (minimum of 3 hours)

whale watching
swimming with whale
Coral reef

Snorkelling & Diving

Peek into the mysteries of the underwater world with a snorkelling or diving excursion. Swim into the Secret Bay Caves or through the bubbling water of Champaign reef. Our team will bring you to the most amazing marine sites that the Nature Isle has to offer.

$60 USD per person snorkel

$100 USD per person diving

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