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Land Tours

Join the rugged adventure of Watikubuli, the Nature Isle. Short 10 minute walks to the week-long hiking and camping experience of the Waitikubuli National Trail. There is something for everyone!

Anderson Powell: 1-767-245-3607

(Prices quoted are general, please contact for specific price options)

Beach days are the best days and Dominica boasts of black sand, white sand, and rocky beaches for you to enjoy. Let us know which you prefer or see all the variety we have! All beaches are public and therefore free, however, some require access through private property for a small fee (US$5.00).  

Fort Shirley at the Cabrits National Park allows you to walk through a piece of Dominica's turbulent history

Be part of Hollywood's Pirates of the Caribbean - Dead Man's Chest with a boat ride down our Indian River

Dominica's Waterfalls and our 365 rivers and streams are refreshing gems scattered throughout the island. A simple stroll brings you to the Emerald Pool, while after a 1-hour hike Middleham Falls emerges.


History and Culture

Hiker's playground

Mas Dominique is the truest traditional carnival experience in the Caribbean where ancient characters come back to life

white sand beach
Rock beach
Black sand beach

Whether you are a walker or a serious hiker, Domnica has a plethora of outdoor activities that await you. Choose any combination of the listed land tours and an exciting tour can be created for you. The prices for one of the tours range from US$35 to US$60, but based on the combination you pick the prices will vary significantly.

As '"The Caribbean's best-kept secrete" (US News Travel), Dominica has ben cultural gems waiting to be discovered by you. From historical forts to cultural crafts and traditions, join the locals for a one of a kind experience. 

Cabrits National Park
Indian river dominica

Easy Hikes

Syndicate Natural Train, Titou Gorge, Jaco Flats, Emerald Pool, Fresh Water Lake Trail, Trafalgar Falls

Intermediate Hikes

Boeri Lake, Victoria Falls, Middleham Falls, Morne Anglais Trail, Wavine Cyrique, Sari Sari Falls

Advanced Hikes

Morne Trois Piton, Morne aux Diables Trail, Boiling Lake, Perdu Temps Trail, Bolive Falls, Trek to Morne Dioblotin

Boiling Lake
Emerald Pool
Victoria Falls

Waitikubuli National Trail

A 14 segment, 184 km trail from the south to the north of the island is the Caribbean's longest walking trail. The trail follows ancient tracks of Freed Slaves, Negre Marron, and Kalinago peoples, and showcases the best of Dominica – culture/heritage, local lifestyles, and our island’s rugged terrain and wild nature - rivers, waterfalls, mountains, exotic gorges and rain-forests. For more information click here.

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