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Bird Watching

A quiet walk through our lush forests may lead you to our endemic national Parrot, the Sisserou Parrot,

or any of our vibrant local birds and parrots.

Dr. Birdy:

Dominica's Dr. Birdy (Bertrand Jno Baptiste) knows birds down to the last feather!  


A tour through Syndicate National Park is where you will witness our majestic Amazonia Imperiales. Birding can be enjoyed throughout the year, however, the peak in breeding for most species is between March and August. Visiting at different times of the year will allow the birder to see a range of species because the main migration periods are from September to November (southbound) migration and February to March (northbound). The ideal time of day for birding is the first three hours after dawn and the last two or three hours before dusk.

Dr. Birdy
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