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About Us

Picard Beach Cottages, 

Our locally-owned, beach-side, bungalow cottages, Boutique Hotel

We extend a welcome of fresh fruits, genuine warm service and assistance for anything you are interested in Dominica, the Nature Island of the Caribbean. The most mountainous in the Eastern Caribbean, Dominica boasts a river for every day of the year with numerous waterfalls and lakes. One of the least-populated countries on earth and named one of the happiest places to live. Dominica offers the adventurous-at-heart a plethora of opportunities to be at one with nature.

Picard Beach Cottages is set on 6 acres of an old coconut plantation and is host to numerous grasses, flowers, and fruit plants, as well as a mature Saman tree (600-year old), many Coconut trees and an array of wildlife. A playground for young and wise, for families, for you. We pride ourselves on our on-going wildlife protection and environmentally sensitive operations and invite our guests to fully participate.

You will be accommodated in a quaint cottage only steps away from Dominica’s longest sandy beach where you are able to snorkel on reefs just offshore.  At night you will be serenaded by nature’s orchestra and the rhythm of waves lapping at the shore. Wake up to the song of the birds and the view of our Cabrits National Park, an inspiration to live your day to the fullest.

Corner cottage and Sea view


Beautiful beach location, literally six steps to the sea. Cottages are very pretty and well setup with basic facilities. Town of Portsmouth is quiet so this is a good place for peace and relaxation. Not a place if you're expecting nightlife or activities.

- Karen George

Lovely place in beautiful surroundings and very comfortable cabins right on the beach. Staff is always available, friendly and supportive and will go out of their way to help you meet your needs and requests.

- Maja Wallengren from February

Our Vision and Mission


To create a space of natural relaxation and

quaint accommodation


To exceed guest expectations while promoting


Our Values

Our Guests: 

You are the reason that we exist and we thank you for choosing us as your accommodation on the Nature Isle

Our Environment: 

We pride ourselves on being an ecotourism boutique hotel

Our Role in the bigger picture

We support local businesses, we hire local people, we are locally owned.

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